CIF Playoffs: Match #1

The CIF playoff had begun, SB and Newbury Park were the competitors. Both teams practicing hard and retaining positive thoughts for a swift win gathered around and were ready to play. Our doubles teams included Noah and Spencer, Taylor and Mikey then Logan came in, and then Tyler and Taggart were a duo. On our singles side we had, Mikey, Kai, Jackson, and Harry. All giving it 100% effort in winning or getting as many games as possible. As I recount particular matches below and memorable shots, I would like to mention how grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing team. Everyone was so kind and very skilled at the sport. A pre-congratulations to the Seniors and to wherever they go after SB high, they will make a great impact on the community and the people around them.




Kai, playing singles against Newbury Parks number 1 player showed impeccable strokes and decisive shots down the line. One was so spectacular, the player had to reminisce for a minute in whether it was in or out. Deciding it was in, due to the speed and accuracy of Kai’s past placements. The Newbury player won, but Kai had played brilliantly in his strategies and positive mentality.





The team gathered around for the last match. Harry playing singles against Newbury’s top 3 player. Down 5-2, Harry received two redvines. The next second he got onto the court, he came back 5-5! Broke the opponents serve and ended the match 7-6! Jackson on the right, played singles and won each set. Always having tricks up his sleeve, he is an overall very impressive tennis player! Logan, Tyler, and Taylor all played extraordinary doubles. The cooperation with their partner really depicts the capabilities they have in the game.



Pictured here is Harry, mid returning serve point. Neck to neck, Harry pulled the win for the team and made it possible along with each other doubles and singles for us to have a 10-8 victory. Friday we travel to Corona Del Mar High School to compete in the playoffs. Wish the team luck!



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Channel League Individuals Tournament!


The week of Channel League Championship has begun! Today, I saw 5 very skilled schools boys tennis duel it out in doubles. Ranging from SB High, San Marcos, Ventura, Buena, and Dos Pueblos, the variety of playing was off the charts! On one court SB doubles were competing and on another, San Marcos and Dos Pueblos were duking it out. Even though this wasn’t the first day of the tournament, each and every player on the courts deserved to be there.




IMG_9336Two doubles teams of Santa Barbara High. From left to right we have, Taylor, Noah, Isaac, and Andrew. On top of playing on May 4th (Star Wars Day), it was Taylor’s birthday as well! Both teams played one full match before taking this picture. Noah and Taylor, winning the first match 6-0 6-0 are proving to be the major contenders in the final. In the first round for Isaac and Andrew, they faced a tough San Marcos doubles team. Playing strategically well and both Isaac and Andrew having great strokes, they played phenomenally. The tournament will continue throughout the week until Friday. Singles starting on Thursday. Come out to support each school!




Tyler and Taggart, on the opposite side are shown playing Dos Pueblos in doubles in the quarter finals of the tournament. Coming through with a win, both sides showed great variety and most of all, had excellent teamwork. Tyler and Taggart had amazing net game. For example, the shots while at net were always unpredictable. Some were slice down the line, while others were deep and in the middle! No matter how hard the ball was, they’d return it with decisive and well thought shots.




The doubles court. Jackson at the net. Logan returning the serve. This doubles duo was on top of the game. Jackson’s brilliant strokes and Logan’s swift net game, these two players competed greatly. Taking this match from the opponents, Jackson and Logan move up to compete in the semifinals. Perhaps even playing Noah and Taylor for the last match! Overall, the teams stuck with the game and never gave up. Now, because of that, three out of the four teams left, are from Santa Barbara High School!


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Team Trip to Palos Verdes High School


The entire tennis team went down to Los Angeles on a fine Wednesday afternoon. Whether you were or weren’t playing, it was an overall blast. In this photo, Logan and Spencer play doubles with PV’s doubles. With Spencer’s amazing net game and Logan’s grand baseline playing, the duo was set out to be very successful throughout the day.





On our singles courts, Jackson is currently playing their number one. Both playing consistent and acting like a brick wall, it was hard to have clean winner on either side. Jackson strategically thinking brilliantly, hits it in vulnerable places. Also very accurately on the line, that it’s almost impossible to get a racket on them! Plus, with unpredictable gusts of wind, both players occasionally had to adjust midpoint to make sure the ball makes it into the designated spot.





More pictures from Logan and Spencer’s sets, their duo showed strong communication and well-planned observations of their opponent. Showing commitment in each match, we ended the day tying PV in sets, but losing in games. The win doesn’t matter, each and every player on the court stayed with it. Not giving in or up. They stuck with every game and every point, only letting positive and reflective thoughts judge the game.





This close up of Logan at the PV game was taken by Forest, another player on the team that is amazing at taking photos. This particular one depicts the complete quality of the teams shots and overall game. In this match, Logan and Spencer swept the win with impeccable strategies and unlimited amounts of significant winners!





Another picture by Forest, shows Taggart playing last weeks game against San Marcos at home. Playing doubles with Tyler, they made great shots  and the volley and serve game was magnificent. Completing several matches, they showed superior skills towards each one. Taggart, a Senior and veteran tennis player has been on the team since being a Junior. Being a starter in the matches, his capability of playing the game is amazing. No matter the conditions, he comes and completes the game, and plays his heart out.




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SB vs. JV DP


The SB tennis team and DP team gather around for the line up. For Don’s #1 singles, Isaac played DP’s foreign exchange student, another great player. Mikey as well played singles, and he did so with amazing shots. Killer serves and bullet like one-handed backhands! After the line up, each singles or doubles player grabbed their necessities and headed to the designated court.




On this particular day, the wind was on and off. Their were short bursts of wind and then none. With this unpredictability, it was tough to serve on sides, but for Andrew, it wasn’t at all! With just the right amount of spin and timing, he served aces and hit them in various spots to never let our opponent get the jump on us. With his net skills and definitive game, Andrew is a deadly doubles player!




Forrest, playing against his opponent during the match shows a quick and nicely spun serve. With a very nice speedy forehand, he executes accurate and strategically well though out shots. All ways having a positive attitude, nothing can bring Forest down. He has supported everyone on the team tremendously, even when other teammates are down.




One of the toughest and sought after matches yesterday, was Kai playing DP’s number one in singles. Leading 4-1, the other guy caught up quickly, but Kai, being tired and soar, didn’t give up. He stuck with it, giving the game all he had. In the end, Kai hit an amazing winner that the opponent thought was out. Not a bad way to end a victorious match. Props to both players!




There are some matches where one team is down quite a bit, but something great happens to their spirit. Not only did this happen to Andrew and Mason, but they were down 4-0 against a skilled DP doubles team and they came back by having great strategies and communication. Because of the great job they did making a great comeback, they truly did deserve to win a 6-4 match!



An overview of the all the matches going on. Both teams showed up to play a great game. The game of tennis…



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SB High vs. Buena Vista


April 12, game day at Buena Vista, Ventura. Mikey, serving to his opponent, gives a very accurate slice that can be quite challenging to return. Winning each of his matches, he proves to be an efficient and extremely well performed player! An absolute force to be reckoned with.



Taylor and Noah, warming up for their individual matches, play a competitive game of Dink-Em. A game of four players where the ball cannot be hit hard, down, or outside the service box. Helping players retain fragile yet strong hands. To be able to put a ball in any circumstances of any point. The game assists in consistency of volleys, always having to be on your toes. The possibility of a short or deep ball is very constant, plus both teams are very close to the net!



The serve! Hit by Mason, a Freshman on the team that has incredible ground strokes, strong and various serves, and warmed with incredible passing shots! During this particular match, Mason and Kai were partnered, playing against Buena’s doubles team. Taking the match with a win, Kai and Mason have shown to be quite a dynamic duo!



Andrew and Aman, another lethal doubles team, have a very close match with Buena’s doubles team. Playing brilliantly, they competed their hearts out with everything they had. Being a very close match, both duos of doubles did excellent.



Switching teams, Noah and Isaac, the cousins, play doubles Dink-Em after a victorious match against Buena. The accurate shot Isaac takes in this picture shows the consistency and soft-handling of the game.



Another great shot of Noah, chasing the ball while playing doubles. Never taking his eye off the ball, the attention is towards the ball and only the ball! Therefore, while at Buena, the team accomplished and advanced as one because of working so hard since the beginning of the season.



From right to left, Forrest, Tim, Kai, Drake, Noah, and Aman. After finishing our own games, we sat down, ate the team tangerines and some chips. While watching Isaac and Mikey play doubles on the court in front of us. Their playing that day was magnificent! Isaac’s passing shots and structural volleys, and Mikey’s rocking serves and ground strokes, nothing could over take them as a pair!


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The Season Heats Up


The home game. Eight of us sitting and cheering for the current players on the court, as well as laughing and learning more about eachother.




Now that Spring Break is done, the season starts to get tense. With multiple teams that are very tough, from all around California! This week alone, the team plays Palisades High School. Known to be one of the best teams in C.I.F., it is truly a challenge when it comes to SB defeating them. Beverly Hills is also this week, along with Westlake High School on Friday. So, this week is surely a jam-packed and competitive time to crack down on consistency and each of the players individual game. Today, eleven players out of the team will go down to Palisades and compete. With Spencer and Harry as the singles and the doubles now with Jackson, the switch of strategy will surely be a big advantage for today’s matches. The whole team has recuperated with each of ones injury, just in time for the hardest school matches of the season.

This year, starting off strong with eight wins and zero losses, our current score truly shows how committed each Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior is to the team and the overall love of the game.




The serve: provided by Tyler, a Senior and seasoned tennis player, is known to have incredible strokes and various serves. Usually playing with Taggart in doubles, another phenomenal player, you can imagine how superior they are as a duo out on the court. As a DONS tennis player since Freshman year, Tyler will most definitely make a great difference where ever he plays tennis next…



Mikey’s one-handed backhand, something you definitely don’t want to be hit at you. With great amounts of spin and accuracy, his one hander is lethal! Warming up with the team, Mikey and his partner hit cross court to refresh their strokes and overall game, so when they meet their opponents, they get right down to the match.




March 27, the latest game against San Marcos. At there courts, we played their JV again. Above, Aman hits a powerful backhand, while playing doubles with Andrew. Winning this set 6-0, Aman and Andrew prove to be a dominating team on the court.



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The Week of Matches Begin


Santa Barbara High Schools 2016 Tennis Team. A strong, brilliant, and creatively prominent team! Each player shows how important and magnificent it is to be a part of the DONS Tennis legacy. With two phenomenal mentors, Coach Tebbe and Coach Trigueiro.



Wednesday, a game at San Marcos against their JV team. Having our line up, we met our opponents, shook hands, and went down the team line for high fives. Mikey, listing off the players in order, is to the right. While the JV coach is to the left. Beginning the match, we were eager to get right to playing and finish out with a well deserved victory. With great assistance and teaching from Coach Tebbe and Rick, the team is well under its way to great amounts of success. We closed this match with a 16-2 victory. As you continue down, I’ll include a couple other matches that occurred this week…




Mason and I first started the match in doubles. Armed with excitement and aggressive net game, we played the match quite swiftly. With aces, passing shots, and spin forehands from Mason that no one could get a handle on! The few errors and loss of points were overlooked and replaced with strategic planning of what we’d do for the next one. Coordinating specific shots to combat the opponent, we closed the match with a 6-1 victory.




Tim and Aidan. A dynamic duo, both excellent volleyers and sharpshooter forehands. Tim equipped with a magnificent slice serve that usually whizzes by before you can even attempt to hit the speeding ball! Aidan as well has a great serve with various techniques at use for it, always baffling his opponent with his diversity of slice, spin, and flat serves. This duo was victorious throughout each of their matches.



Loading up, and delivering a most powerful forehand to his opponent as seen above is the one and only Mikey. Currently playing a tough SM player, Mikey had to strategize shots due to short ones being brought to him. Dealing with tough slices and occasional super fast serves, Mikey didn’t go to the defensive side, but took the offensive and made extraordinary winners cross court, down the lines, and even unsuspecting lobs! Overall, Mikey took the match 7-5



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SB season week 4


Andrew wore a headband for good playing during Buena’s match. Having gotten it when in Palm Springs, for Indian Wells, it was a good luck charm and also a very intimidating substitute for a hat! Playing quite a few matches, Andrew followed through with multiple victories in doubles. Engaging with genius thinking and out of this world volleying, Andrew was an absolute victor during the matches.



A stellar forehand return from Jackson, SB’s #1 singles player, while competing against San Marcos #1, Kento. Both battling each point out, the commitment seen in both players were amazing. Jackson having impeccable serves, the returning from Kento was challenging, but both players showed offensive and defensive strategies. Kento took the game, but Jackson had played impeccably.



The first to play Kento from San Marcos was Spencer. Each players returns showed a massive amount of spin. Back and forth. The rallies would attain colossal portions of power. After each shot, the ball became faster and faster. Every point had to be fought for. Spencer showed determination throughout each game, only keeping thorough thoughts on where the next shot was to be positioned. When down a few games or points, Spencer retained the game and only the game. Devoted to the game, he showed how many measures he’d go to not go down, but to succeed in a true winners way.



Members of the team watching others play in doubles and singles. Waiting for their turn to practice on the courts, play an actual match, or support current players out on the courts.



The teams apparel. Spanning from these team hats to sweatshirts from multiples seasons. Along with diverse shirts with fantastic colors that represents the DONS. In stock, we also have many jerseys and soft sewed team tennis shirts. Which you can buy at our home games or contacting players on the team. Our goal is to sell as much as possible to spread the SB tennis cheer. So, if you live in SB and love tennis, we have the perfect merchandise for you.

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Yesterday, the team played Viewpoint, a school in Los Angeles. Being our 6th match so far, Viewpoint put up a challenge. With long and dueling points, each side had to fight to win. As you can see, when we have a big home game, the team puts up a homemade DONS sign from a couple years ago. Made by a mom on the girls tennis team. In this picture, we have Andrew standing next to the sign, supporting part of the team on the court. I’ve got some pictures of the close match that happened yesterday. Hope you enjoy them…



One of our few doubles matches included Taylor and Noah (left to right). With this picture being taken in their second round, this match was a tight one. With a tense tiebreaker, but Noah and Taylor ending it with victory. Both showing skill at net and back at the bass line, their was rarely an unforced error, the other opponents had to prove their shots. With the consistency of both sides, points and points were exchanged. Every game was fought for, with lobs, various serves, and each showed support for their partner. In the end, Taylor and Noah fought hard and persistently achieving a win for each game.



Spencer, playing singles against Viewpoints #1 put up an amazing battle. Being very consistent and strategic, he would plant shots according to his opponents current position and his weakness’s. Both players being excellent at their craft, it was a major challenge. The #1 player won 6-2, but Spencer never gave up and played proudly.



An overall view of the matches going on. Viewpoint was a tough team, but SB had a swift victory. With a 12-6 win it was a sign of the season to begin. With singles playing on the right courts and doubles on the left, their was never an end to the powerful exhilaration of this tournament. On one court you could see Jackson dueling with Viewpoints number 1 player, while across, a team of doubles is toe to toe in a committed engagement. This match tested SB for what is to come, but the team handled it professionally and proved that the legacy of the Dons tennis will live on.


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Coach Tebbe and the team gets ready for the line up. Where one player from each team meets, shakes hands, and is assigned to that specific player(s) for singles or doubles. The coaches meet and discuss rules and the overall basics of the game. Reminding us to have fun and play respectfully.



After the lineup and discussion with coach, the team huddles up and gives a cheer. Isaac and Harry yell “Dons on 3! 1… 2… 3…” The entire team hollers “DONS!” After we get to our courts we warm up with our opponents and start the match.



Andrew and Mikey playing doubles against SM while discussing a strategic plan against their opponents, always seeking a way to pinpoint the others challenges in the game. With Andrew’s impeccable form and a one-handed backhand that speeds by you with tremendous spin he is one player you definitely want on your side. Mikey, a player you do not want to underestimate, with a fantastic one-handed backhand as well, nothing can get in Mikey’s way. Both equipped with slice, flat, and kick serves, they have various technicalities that they perform while serving. They won this match along with the two others because of great communication, consistency of ground strokes, and an overall undeviating serve.



Another doubles match that was occurring during the same time was Forrest and Tim, two new players to the team. Playing the last match of the day, everyone on each team was surrounding this court, eyeing every point. Coming down to the tiebreaker, Tim became a monster at the net. Volleying so accurately and fast that no one could reach it in time. Forrest’s serves spinning in significantly. The team played so hard and enthusiastically. Although they lost that match, it was a close one. The other team might’ve won the games, but Forrest and Tim won the level of experience which was gained in that extravagant game.



The support of the team/break after a long match is always welcomed with healthy snacks like power bars, water fill ups, and for after the tournament, sweets and filling foods. Amaan, Mason, and Kai recuperating after a few singles and doubles.

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