Team Trip to Palos Verdes High School


The entire tennis team went down to Los Angeles on a fine Wednesday afternoon. Whether you were or weren’t playing, it was an overall blast. In this photo, Logan and Spencer play doubles with PV’s doubles. With Spencer’s amazing net game and Logan’s grand baseline playing, the duo was set out to be very successful throughout the day.





On our singles courts, Jackson is currently playing their number one. Both playing consistent and acting like a brick wall, it was hard to have clean winner on either side. Jackson strategically thinking brilliantly, hits it in vulnerable places. Also very accurately on the line, that it’s almost impossible to get a racket on them! Plus, with unpredictable gusts of wind, both players occasionally had to adjust midpoint to make sure the ball makes it into the designated spot.





More pictures from Logan and Spencer’s sets, their duo showed strong communication and well-planned observations of their opponent. Showing commitment in each match, we ended the day tying PV in sets, but losing in games. The win doesn’t matter, each and every player on the court stayed with it. Not giving in or up. They stuck with every game and every point, only letting positive and reflective thoughts judge the game.





This close up of Logan at the PV game was taken by Forest, another player on the team that is amazing at taking photos. This particular one depicts the complete quality of the teams shots and overall game. In this match, Logan and Spencer swept the win with impeccable strategies and unlimited amounts of significant winners!





Another picture by Forest, shows Taggart playing last weeks game against San Marcos at home. Playing doubles with Tyler, they made great shots  and the volley and serve game was magnificent. Completing several matches, they showed superior skills towards each one. Taggart, a Senior and veteran tennis player has been on the team since being a Junior. Being a starter in the matches, his capability of playing the game is amazing. No matter the conditions, he comes and completes the game, and plays his heart out.




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